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Work'n & Watch'n Periscope
Left overs
Messy goodness #ceramics #studio #wip #timetoclean
Messy glaze'n _#glaze #ceramicstudio #clayplay #firefirefire #cone6 #bobs #footshotsaredumb
ready set FIRE
Artist Statement

As a maker of objects, I create ceramic work that is contemplative as well as functional.  Curiosity and imperfection come with being human; it is with these ideas that I create forms and surfaces that are beautifully irregular yet harmonious and pique the viewers curiosity.

My work references many things without being too literal, leaving the viewer to reach their own conclusions. I work with both a structured plan and allow myself to intuitively respond to the clay. I find inspiration from many organic elements, like coral and bone, the human figure, the fluid lines of Art Nouveau, and the intense scrolls of Rococo.

With a background in textile design, I have developed an appreciation for tactile surfaces, and through this I am acutely aware of different patterns and textures. When encountering these surfaces and I question how they were created, while at the same time my hand reaches out to explore. I strive to create objects that will evoke the same urge in the viewer to touch that I encounter on so many occasions.

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